Latest Crown /Laminate Materials

We use a Certified Dental Laboratory , Located in Somerset County , to provide you with FDA approved materials to fabricate your crowns, bridges, implant supported restorations and Laminate Veneers. 

 We recommend the following materials for your restorations based on vigorous research and FDA approval:


     * For posterior and Anterior Crowns: We provide Zirconia and Zirconia /Esthetic  restorations that are the strongest on the market and beautiful! 

     * For Anterior Crowns and Porcelain Veneers: We provide EMAX, Empress and Zirconia/Esthetic restorations to give you a strong, beautiful and Biocompatible result. 


 ****We do not outsource any of our work- everything is done locally!


                                                            YOU WILL RECEIVE THE MOST HOLISTIC AND BIOCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS!