Whole Foods/Less Juice!

Our Drs and Hygienists are well-versed in diet related tooth damage- therefore it is important to discuss what your child eats and drinks when you accompany them to their Dental Recare Visits! 


In order to keep it simple, follow these healthy tips for your child's best Dental Health! 


Don't expose babies and small children to sugary snacks- the more they have, the more they will want- keep their palates satisfied with less sugar- they will accept a bland diet if not exposed to sugar. 


* Be careful with Acidic Foods: Soda, Lemon/ Citrus, Vinegar- this leads to erosion of enamel 


* Feed your children whole/unprocessed foods with a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables. Watch out for hidden sugar in  fruit cups and canned food!


* Soda is not a foodstuff- Don't drink it at all- Just stick with water! Soda contains sugar , phosphoric and citric acid! 


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